• The applause when you hit your final pose... :)
  • Anyone within 90 minutes of Greensboro that would like excellent Ballet Master Classes during the next week email: info@starsystemstalent.com
  • Dear Parents: Your children are "winners" because of the time and dedication spent in studying their craft. They are "winners" because it takes alot of fortitude for many people to perform in front of a live audience. They are "winners" because they performed to the BEST of their ABILITY on that particular day.They are "winners" because they made an attempt to perform better than they did the last time they were on stage. They are "winners" because through dance their brain has been taught to memorize multiple tasks some complex to execute at the same time. They are "winners" because they see the "good" and the "not so good" in human beings at every competition and have a chance to decide "which one do THEY want to be?" They are "winners" because dance has taught them to overcome adversity and apply it to different aspects of their lives. No one is ever defined by the color of their ribbon, the medal around their neck, the trophy in their hand, or the ring on their finger. Dancers are athletes, and sometimes Gold Medal athletes, Super Bowl players, and NBA champion players are not the greatest human beings...proving that the REAL meaning of being a WINNER.....has nothing what so ever to do with an any kind or color of award! You have the POWER to make them understand this! THINK ABOUT IT!


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